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11th Jul, 2020

Raas Biotech Launches Easy Print Treat with Hydrophilic Silicone Softener

Easy Print

Composed of silicone copolymer to eliminate VOCs from its composition, Silfab IDRO Premium Hydrophilic Softener offers softness, water absorbency, and wicking with minimum to no impact on original substrate whiteness and stain-release properties of fluorocarbon-treated textiles. High-shear and high-pH stable product is compatible with anionic treatments. It is a great achievement that treat with Silicone softener can easily print without doing any extra process.


Raas Biotech Silfab IDRO Premium Hydrophilic Softener offers formulators great market opportunities in a demanding textile finishing market.

  • Improved comfort through excellent softness and wickability
  • Virtually no impact on whiteness and stain release properties
  • Outstanding process stability
  • A more environmentally sustainable and safer solution

 "Recent market trends along the entire textile industry value chain, especially in the home textiles and apparel markets, have required to develop ecologically sound, safe, high-performance, multifunctional textile finishes. Raas Biotech believes Silfab IDRO Softener is the perfect product to help to growing textile needs."

 Testing shows that Silfab IDRO Softener offers excellent softness, water absorbency, and wicking, with minimum to no impact on original substrate whiteness and the stain-release properties of fluorocarbon-treated textiles. OP-8800 Softener outperforms conventional silicone hydrophilic softeners on several key features.

One of the major causes of air pollution in the textile industry occurs when heat-curing or drying of coatings and finishes causes the vaporization of organic compounds. Because VOCs can harm the environment and human health, governmental agencies around the world are enacting more stringent air quality regulations to limit VOC emissions. Silfab IDRO Softener helps mitigate these problems because it is nearly 100 percent composed of a novel silicone copolymer, virtually eliminating VOCs from its composition, whereas some competitive silicone products contain up to 300g/L of VOCs.

Silfab IDRO Softener also offers maximum flexibility, processability, stability, and ease of application. Testing shows that microemulsions made with the product are high-shear and high-pH stable, and even compatible with anionic treatments.

 "Silfab IDRO  Softener is an extremely well-balanced, more environmentally sound, safer, multifunctional product that delivers a unique combination of benefits over a wide range of conditions," said Rashidul Islam Russel, Operation Manager, Sales and Technical. "We think it's about as close to an 'ideal' silicone as any that's ever been developed for textile finishing applications."