Raas Biotech Opening Program

Raas Biotech inauguration opening program will be held at July’2012 at Bangladesh.


Raas Biotech inaugural Opening Conference

 November, 2012  -- This month, Raas Biotech Pte. Ltd. is hosting the Opening Conference, an interactive business program designed to provide a  brief about Raas Biotech and its unique product range to the diverse group of Textile Industrialist and as well as Technician. The inaugural event, which will be held November 15 at Hotel Radison, Dhaka, is part of the company's increased commitment to the growing Textile Industry.

 The one-day program will expose textile industrialist and technicians from targeted factories to brief about the current development and unique way to save energy, water, time as well as restrict to use hazardous chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide, Custic and Acid. This program will helps to know how to reduce environment pollution through an economical process.

 "We want to be competitive in identifying talent our process to increase the productivity through an environment friendly and as well as economic way" said Rashidul Islam Russel, Operation Manager of Sales and Technical. "This program is not only like to attract the users, but also expose possibilities of diverse opportunities that have been traditionally unknown to them."

 To participate, factory owner and technicians will get the invitation through invitation card. They will also be informed by mail and sms.