Cottonese BT CC

It is a solution of peroxide killing process as well as bio-finishing in a simple and easy way. This process no need to killing the peroxide in a separate bath as well as no need for bi0-polishing in separate bath. You can do it in single bath.

It is a Catalytic Cellulase Enzyme which can perform peroxide killing as well as bio-finishing. So it saves no of baths, time, energy as well as money of course.

Process Simplicity

  • No pH adjustment. Cottonese BT CC works optimally over the entire range of potential incoming process water pH’s. Typically, no time is necessary for adding pH adjustment chemicals.
  • Combined finishing and dyeing. The ability of this enzyme to perform fabric cleanup under neutral pH allows the possibility to combine bio-finishing and dyeing in a single bath. This reduces processing time and enables increased production throughput.
  • Saves time & Energy. The ultimate goal of this process can save time more than two hours which have a huge impact in cotton dyeing process. It also saves energy now a days which has a significant role in our dyeing process.

High Quality Fabric

  • Preserved fabric strength and weight.

Enzymatic finishing provides surface cleanup without aggressive change to the underlying fabric fibers. This provides higher fabric strength and weight retention when compared to traditional cellulase processing.

  • Increased dye uptake. Bio-polishing with Cottonese BT NC results in exceptionally clean fabric surfaces, either reducing the use of dye to achieve desired color, or the same amount of dye to increase dye color intensity.

Cottonese BT CC


For more information you can download product data Sheet & MSDS.